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Is Artificial Grass Good Or Bad For The Environment? | Pros & Cons

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Artificial grass has grown in popularity recently due to its significant practical and advantageous features. Being the ideal alternative to natural grass, fake turf is renowned for its non-existent maintenance schedules. Any residential and commercial space can be embellished with this synthetic grass for enhanced style and stability.

With the growing popularity, a question can come across the mind of health and hygiene-conscious buyers: what is the artificial grass environmental impact? Well, it is difficult to interpret the answer because this turf comes with a lot of benefits and comparatively fewer disadvantages. This guide by Grass Carpet will help you make an informed decision after going through all the pros and cons.

Versatile Choices

List Of Artificial Grass Environmental Impact

Made from synthetic & recyclable materials, this fake turf comes with different benefits that are listed below.

Pros Of Having Artificial Turf In Your Spaces

Have a quick review on the pros of fake turf.

1. Versatile Choices

The most significant fact about this artificial grass Dubai is its high-end versatility in terms of designs and areas of application. This grass carpet can be installed on the roofing, deck, patios, playgrounds, balconies, terraces, gardens, and landscapes because of higher sustainability. For versatility, this grass comes in various color tones for green shade, and density, or thickness options for low to high-foot traffic areas.

Offer Low Maintenance

2. Offer Low Maintenance

The most appealing fact about artificial grass is the minimal to non-existent maintenance schedules that make it the perfect choice for busy households and other commercial spaces. This synthetic grass doesn’t require seeding, mowing, and cutting to sustain its visuals. To keep this grass looking fine, fresh, and green all year round, all you have to do is to aftercare for them periodically which doesn’t require much energy, water consumption, or hours.

Durability & Sustainability

3. Durability & Sustainability

Keeping the factors of the highest volumes of foot traffic and external environmental conditions in mind, this fake grass was introduced. Artificial grass is made from highly durable and robust synthetic material consumption to create a stable, comfortable, and long-lasting surface to have in your residencies, landscapes, balcony and other commercial spaces.

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Water Conservation

4. Stop Buying Fertilizer

Unlike natural grass, the growth of artificial turf doesn’t need any chemicals, seeds, or fertilizers. You don’t have to waste your evenings or weekends for the hectic maintenance routines. This is because this grass doesn’t experience growth, hence no cutting is required. Also, you can save up your bucks for buying cutting equipment and purchase of fertilizers.

5. Water Conservation

Having natural grass indirectly means a drastic increase in water and electricity consumption. On the other hand, you don’t have to waste tons of water gallons daily to keep it looking fresh for a long time. Rather it stays fresh the whole year just with regular upkeep. In this way, you can save a lot of money on the water bills.

6. Hypoallergenic

The best part of havingit in your living spaces is its non-allergic nature. Unlike natural lawn grass, there’s no use of harmful chemicals like pesticides, insecticides, and fertilizers, hence, this turf is allergen-free. Your kids and pets at home will get to play in an environment-friendly scenario, ensuring a health-conscious environment.

7. Drainage Facility

Another noticeable aspect of this turf is the facility of proper water and waste drainage. This turf comes with small holes at each corner through which any cleaning or rainwater flows down quickly. That’s the reason, this grass is being installed in commercial sports and playgrounds because you don’t have to wait for days for water to dry.

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Cons Of Buying Artificial Grass For Your Spaces

Cons Of Artificial Grass For Your Spaces

Go through these negative aspects before you decide to buy fake grass.

1. Chemical Hazards

When the construction of this grass involves the use of plastic or recycled infill materials, it can result in the release of volatile organic compounds that can be hazardous to human health.

2. Environmental Concerns

Other environmental concerns for this turf are contaminated runoff, loss of wildlife habitat, and migration of synthetic materials. These runoff contaminants and infill material contribute to micro plastic pollution.

3. Heat Issues

On the intense summer days, it gets much hotter, creating extremely heat-up surfaces. However, this issue can be fixed by covering heat-resistant sheets and use of water.

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4. Give Friction Burns

Another problem that can arise when you are running over the grass and fall suddenly, can result in friction burns on your body parts. You can wear safety clothes for this purpose.

5. Can Get Burnt

During any occasion of bonfire, you can create the entire setup over this grass, as it can damage or burn the whole portion. This is why avoid the use of matches and don’t create a fireplace over this fake grass.

Final Words!

Artificial Grass is the most renowned solution to give your indoor and outdoor landscapes an excellent finish. This synthetic turf comes with various practical merits and noteworthy demerits to make a sensible decision at the time of purchase. The numerous benefits of synthetic grass involve versatility, low maintenance, durability, environmental friendliness, no seeding, water conservation, hypoallergenic, no harmful pesticides, and pet friendliness.

On the other hand, it also comes with various disadvantages including environmental concerns, heat issues, friction burn, burnt surfaces, and chemical hazards. Aside from that, you can get this grass for a variety of settings while matching with the rest of the decor and surroundings. Compared to the pros, the cons of this fake grass are less. Considering all the negative and positive aspects, you can make an ideal and informed decision on whether to shop for this turf or not.

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