Buy Anti Slip Stair Carpets in Dubai

Transform your staircase into a luxurious statement piece with our exclusive collection of stair carpets in Dubai. Explore our range of exquisite designs, patterns, and textures that harmonize with the opulence and diversity of Dubai’s interiors.

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Transform Your Staircase With Our Luxury Stair Carpets

Our affordable carpet installation is the most effective and cost-effective way to give a renewed look to your residential staircases and to make them a lot more safe and secure for you as well. We provide the best stair carpets in a range of styles, materials, and designs, so that there’s no flaw in the overall interior décor of yours. In addition to the predefined carpeting styles, you can also get custom-made stair runners in Dubai from us and upgrade your places just the way you desire.

Explore our latest range of modern stair runners and pick out the perfect pieces for your stairs and give them the most attractive and comfortable covering.

Benefits Of Having Our Stair Runners Carpets in Dubai

Comfort & Aesthetics

Our soft and decent staircase carpets add coziness and style to your spaces, providing you with comfortable surfaces to step over.

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Noise & Energy Insulation

These dense-pile floor coverings will absorb the noise of footsteps and add energy efficiency to your spaces, reducing energy consumption.

Patterned Carpet For Stairs

Safety Optimization

Purchasing our anti-slip carpets will minimize the risk of injuries from sudden slips and trips, absorbing the impact of falls and shock.

Sisal Stair Runner

Concealing Imperfections

Our stair runners will conceal imperfections like scratches and stains and help you avoid frequent refinishing of the hardwood riser and treads.

Non Slip Stair Mats

Leading Suppliers of Luxury Stair Carpets in the UAE

And we have plenty of best carpet runner options for your residential and commercial stairs, along with endless stylish Staircase renovation ideas, helping you create the perfect Dubai home decor.

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Years Of Experience

Years Of Experience

Eco-friendly Materials

Sustainable Options

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Customization Endeavors

Get Customized Stair Runner Carpets In Dubai

In addition to the exclusive range of modern stair runners, we also provide customization services for stair carpets in order to make you experience ultimate aesthetic satisfaction and most purposeful home decor. Within this servicing spectrum, you can get every sort of carpet material and design customization from us, ranging from luxury options like Persian and sisal carpets to basic essentials such as non slip carpet for stair treads.

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Free Area Inspection
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Masterly Measurements
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High Coverage Options
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Expert Stair Carpets Installation Services in Dubai

The ultimate part and parcel of investing in the best carpet runners for stairs is getting efficient installation services. And the best stair carpet suppliers in UAE at Grass Carpet have got your back in this regard as well. In addition to premium quality Stair Mats, we also provide skillful and affordable stair carpet installation in Dubai, offering you long-lasting staircase renovations on a budget. Besides, you can also get various stylish staircase renovation ideas from us, so as to flaunt your chosen carpeting with perfection.

How We Work? 

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Free Measurements
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Subfloor Treatments
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Why Choose Our Best Carpet For Stairs 

Getting our modern stair carpets is the kind of home improvement that’s always meant to benefit you in manifold manners.


Maximum Safety

Our best carpet for stairs are a reliable way to make your staircases incredibly safe for everyone in the house.

infinite comfort

Infinite Comfort

Our carpet for steps will serve you with endless coziness, warmth and satisfaction while you go up and down the stairs.

minimal disturbance

Minimal Disturbance

Our non slip carpets put an end to noises caused by walking and climbing the stairs, offering significantly serene interiors.

durable covering

Durable Covering

Having our staircase services will prove to be the most valuable investment you can ever make, beautifying the entire space.

Why Choose Us?

Grass Carpet is the platform that offers multiple purposeful solutions to every aesthetic and functionality based concern of yours. We provide the best and most long-lasting home improvements, and this goes the same for our luxury Stair Carpets Dubai as well, which will be a remarkable addition to your places.

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Rapid Treatments

With us, you won’t have to wait excessively to enjoy your newly carpeted stairs; luxury additions in the blink of an eye!

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Affordable Services

All our carpeting services for staircases are completely pocket-friendly and offer you endless benefits in the long run.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A standard good stair carpeting must be thick, anti-slip, well-backed, stain-resistant, low-maintenance and durable. Besides, underlayment selection and installation conduct also decide the functionality and favorability of a carpeting. It’s best to reach out to experts for promising outcomes.

Not at all! Staircases with carpets on them are significantly safer and more favorable than those without a treatment. That’s because carpeting prevents slipping and falling and also makes the stairs easy to care for. Besides, one is meant to experience notably quiet and comfortable interiors post a stair carpet installation.

The very lifespan of a stair carpet is majorly influenced by the way it’s maintained. Besides, build quality and installation practices also impact the overall longevity. In general, you can expect a serviceability of nearly two decades with an accurately installed and well-cared-for carpet.

Absolutely! Adding carpets to your staircases is the most efficient way to give them an inviting look and also make them way more safe than before, which is a bonus. You can make your stairs an outstanding part of your home decor with the help of carpeting. Custom installation services can also be considered in this regard.