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Grass Carpet brings a timeless way to give a sumptuous look to your interiors, that is using our premium office carpet tiles Dubai. These soft flooring treatments sync perfectly with every modern office design.

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Classic Office Carpet Tiles Dubai

Get Premium Office Carpet Tiles In Dubai

Style your office interiors with our exclusive range of carpet tiles. Our comfortable and luxurious carpet tiles will give your workplace flooring the perfect makeover it deserves. Our excellent craftsmanship and usability of premium fiber materials create the finest office carpet tiles that serve for years straight. These commercial carpets are made from a range of materials including nylon, polyester, acrylic, wool, and polypropylene.

Our office carpet tiles Dubai create surfaces that are more sustainable, comfortable, and cozier to walk over. While reducing the surrounding noises, these carpets create a peaceful and productive atmosphere to work in.

Boundless Benefits Of Our Office Floor Carpet Tiles

Improved Acoustics

In busy office environments, these carpet tiles will reduce the level of noise, creating the most focused work environment.

Aesthetic Appeal

Thermal Insulation

Due to their incredible insulating properties, these carpets lead to significant energy savings.

Thermal Insulation

Aesthetic Appeal

Our modern office carpet tiles for small spaces come in wide design choices to create presentable interiors.

Improved Acoustics

Easy Maintenance

Your valuable time, money, and energy can be saved because of the effortless maintenance requirements of our carpeting tiles.

Easy Maintenance

We Are The Most Renowned Office Carpet Tiles Supplier

Being the premium office carpet suppliers in Dubai, we sell eco-friendly office carpet tiles for a sustainable workplace decor. Our prime concern is to enhance the comfort of your corporate environments.

Flexible Payment Method

Budget-Friendly Services

Installed Carpets

Durable Carpeting Solutions

Years Of Experience

Years Of Experience

Eco-friendly Materials

Accomplished Projects

Satisfied Clients

We Offer The Best Customizations For Commercial Carpet Tiles

Give your business places a distinctively beautiful touch with our best office carpet tiles specifically designed for high-traffic areas. To improve your office decor and enjoy the desired comfort, you can choose from a variety of pile heights and thicknesses available at our shop for carpeting tiles. Our self-adhesive carpet tiles are available within retro styles, animal prints, and various other options, that too, with an array of color choices. For custom-made tiles, you can show us your favorite wall carpet design ideas or negotiate your requirements.

Attention To Detail
Carpet Installation
Perfect Finishing
Design Selection
Design Consultations
Customization Option
Size Customization
Best Quality Office Carpet Tiles Dubai
Customized Office Carpet Tiles Dubai

Acquire The Most Durable Carpeting Treatments From Us

Now that you have got our easy to clean carpet tiles for your offices, do select our services as well for their error-free installation. We give your office floors a graceful touch with our innovative installation procedures. Your commercial indoor air quality and visual appeal can be greatly improved with our carpet installation amenities. We ensure executing all aspects of office carpet tiles fitting with utmost precision and accuracy. You can also acquire our exclusive amenity of fixing and repairing damaged carpeting tiles.

Our Noteworthy Carpeting Amenities For Clients

Free Inspection Visit
Free Measurements
Expert Advice
Long-lasting Treatments
Durable Office Carpet Tiles Dubai

We Offer Budget-Friendly Office Carpet Solutions

We sell modern office carpet tiles with distinctive designs at strikingly low rates. You can cheaply transform your offices with our high-end floor ornamentation essentials.

Festive Sales

Adorn your offices by purchasing our flooring products from sales.

Great Discounts

By shopping for our products online, you can benefit from amazing discounts.

Quality Services

When it comes to quality and durability, offers the best servicing.

Enthusiastic Team

Our trained workers are readily available to assist you with design ideas.

Why Should You Select Us For Office Carpet Tiles Dubai?

Grass Carpet is a top-notch home decor source, providing exceptional workspace flooring solutions in the form of eco-friendly carpets. Our affordable carpets will act as the best beautifying elements for your commercial interiors.

Free Cost Estimates
Affordable Pricing

Approach us to buy cheap commercial carpet tiles for your office renovations.

Timely Shipping
Prompt Delivery

Enjoy the most secure and speedy item arrival at your corporate locations.

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Noteworthy Appreciation From Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common queries answered to enhance your knowledge about our durable and affordable office carpet tiles.

Elegant Office Carpet Tiles Dubai

The standard thickness of office carpet flooring is about 6-8mm. However, based on the intended foot traffic in an area, our carpeting solutions are available with varying thicknesses, and pile heights.

The premium quality carpet tiles by Grass Carpet can last up to 10 and 15 years and more as well. However, the life expectancy of these tiles is greatly influenced by the usage intensity and level of maintenance.

Most office carpet tiles are made of olefin, polypropylene, and nylon. These materials are renowned for their exceptional durability and strength. However, there are other choices available too, like polyester, acrylic, and wool.

Typically, commercial carpeting is more expensive than residential one. This is because these carpets are specifically crafted to cover large areas. Even homeowners consider commercial-grade carpets perfect for use because these carpets pay off in the long run.

Chairs equipped with low quality wheels and sharp edges may ruin the fibers of your carpet. In case of such furniture, consider using rugs and protective furniture pads to avoid carpet damage. For areas with heavy foot traffic and/or abrasive furniture, consider buying carpets with low pile height.