Best Quality Office Carpet Tiles at Affordable Rates offers the best quality office carpet tiles at affordable rates. We have a huge and beautiful collection of luxury office flooring carpet tiles. From plain carpet tiles to premium ones, we have all. 

Carpet tiles are a stylish replacement for carpet roll and they are very easy to install. In an office where hundreds of people come in and out on a daily basis, carpet is not a good idea. Carpet tiles not only look great in an office but also they are durable for heavy foot traffic.

Carpet Tiles Dubai, UAE
Office Carpet Tiles Dubai, UAE

Easy Installation of Office Carpet Tiles Dubai

One of the major reasons why office owners choose office carpet tiles Dubai is that they are easy to install and stay there for a long time period. Anyhow let’s see how office carpet tile Dubai makes your life easy. 

  • They are easy to transport. They safely reach the destination without getting damage. 
  • Office floor carpet tiles are pre backed, so you can install them directly without applying any glue or gum. They save a lot of effort and time.
  • They provide a luxury finish that carpet roll can never provide.

Our Gallery

Office carpet Tiles Shape

Originally carpet tiles were used to be in square shape but today at Green Carpet, we have office carpet tiles available in any shape, design, and texture. You can also place an order for customized carpet tiles in any shape, color, design, and size. 

Benefits of Office Carpet Tiles

Look at the benefits of the office carpet tiles. 

  • Carpet tiles produce zero or very less waste during installation
  • They are easy to maintain·        
  •  Office floor carpet tiles offer a luxury feel and they are aesthetically very appealing

Style and Varieties of Office 

Office Carpet tiles are available in many different patterns, styles, shapes, and colors. If you buy a carpet roll that will come in one pattern, but if you install carpet tiles, you can buy different ones to create a unique flooring pattern in your office. Everyone will be impressed by your arts and creativity. 

Why Choose Us?

We offer the best carpet tiles in the UAE. Our carpet tiles are famous because of their versatility and quality. We also offer carpet tiles installation. We are one of the best office tile suppliers in UAE. If you want customized office carpet tiles, we can do it for you. Just give us a call at +971544366566 or send us an email at

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