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Discover a whole new world of comfort with our trendy carpet tiles designed to uplift the aesthetics of every space. Grass Carpet stocks the finest variety of quality carpet floor tiles.

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The Premium Construction Of Our High Quality Carpet Tiles

Grass Carpet brings you a trendsetting range of carpet tiles that are the ideal combination of aesthetics and comfort. These contemporary tiles are designed with excellence using synthetic and natural blends of materials. Major fiber types for these carpeting tiles are polyester, olefin, acrylic, polypropylene, nylon, and wool.

Our high performance and long-lasting carpet tiles Dubai are perfect to use indoors for beautification and comfort enhancement. These low-maintenance tiles are resistant to all sorts of damages, making them ideal for both commercial and residential spaces.

Explore The Styles & Types Of Our Carpet Floor Tiles

Traditional Style

You can give a rustic or vintage touch to your homes with our tiles featuring intricate patterns or motifs.

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Modern Style

Enhance the ambiance of your workplaces by incorporating our sleek and sophisticated minimalist design tiles.

Modern Style Tiles

Cut Pile

To enhance your space with a luxurious touch and indulge in a silky smooth texture of cut pile carpet tiles.

Cut Pile Tiles

Loop Pile

Their loops are twisted around creating a distinctive look, and they are available in manifold weights and thicknesses.

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Our Innovative Carpet Tiles Design Collection

Introducing our latest collection of stylish and innovative carpet tile designs, curated to elevate your space with modern aesthetics and superior quality. Explore the newest additions to redefine your interiors effortlessly.



Arts Club

Arts Club



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Shop For Our Reasonably Priced Carpet Tiles And Enjoy Added Comfort 

If you are looking to buy cheap carpet tiles for commercial spaces, our brand is the one-stop source for you. For your outdoor spaces, we provide robust carpeting solutions that will serve you for a prolonged time span. Our affordable carpet floor tiles bring about stunning change in your places, maximizing usage comfort.

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We Offer Custom Carpet Tile For Unique Decoration

You can embrace your dream interior look with our affordable carpet customization services. We are here to help you with the expression of your desired aesthetics with our designer carpet tiles Dubai selection. You can pick from the endless color palette available for these tiles to personalize your room ambiance.

Our modular square tiles with color-block designs give your rooms a contemporary look. Enhance the visual appeal of your interiors instantly with our affordable carpets.

Our Featured Carpeting Services

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Approach Us For Carpet Tiles Installation Services

Create a sanctuary of comfort, elegance, and utmost functionality with our error-free carpet tiles installation services.

Free Measurements

Our team inspects the room dimensions and takes measurements with accuracy.

Free Area Visits

We pay a visit for free for residential carpet tiles installation in Dubai.

Reliable Services

Our carpet fitters execute seamless installation procedures in no time.

Free Maintenance Tips

You can get guidance tips for the aftercare of these modern carpet tiles from our experts.

Why Must You Choose Us For Carpet Tiles Dubai?

Grass Carpet is a trustworthy platform to shop for modern carpets in Dubai. We are dedicated to transforming your interiors with our top quality and eco-friendly carpet tile Dubai treatments.

Fast & Reliable Installation
Free Consultations

You can schedule a meeting online to ask for our expert’s opinion regarding design selection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can ask your carpet-related queries by booking an appointment online.

Rapallo Carpet Tiles for office

Yes! Carpet tiles can be installed over concrete and other floors as well. To reduce the discomforting impact of concrete, you can also install underlayments. Besides, the subfloor must be prepared with proper cleaning, and leveling.

Of course! You can use our carpet tiles in your homes. These tiles are an amazing alternative to the massive wall to wall carpeting treatments as they easy to install, manage, and replace. You can ensure a healthy air indoor quality with these tiles.

These tiles are extremely hardwearing and are known for their strength, performance and durability. They can last up to 10 to 15 years. However various factors like maintenance and daily foot traffic can greatly impact their lifespan.

Carpet tiles are a more expensive choice than broadloom carpets. However, factors like simplified installation procedures, ease of replacement, and extensive durability pay off the upfront costs.

Yes! You can choose from manifold options available for the color, pattern, and design of our carpet Dubai Tiles. Not just the layouts but the size of these tiles can also be customized in accordance with your choices.

Carpet tiles are a great choice for corporate environments. These versatile tiles will incorporate style, comfort, and warmth, providing you with a pleasing surface to walk over. Besides, they offer easier maintenance, noise absorbtion, and insulation benefits.