Buy Comfort and Style Vinyl Carpet in Dubai

Imagine a floor that is as stylish as it is practical, a haven for bare feet and playful pets, a canvas for your unique interior design vision. That’s the magic of vinyl carpet in Dubai, and we’re here to help you discover its full potential.

Vinyl carpet flooring
vinyl floor carpet
vinyl sheet installation
Cassia sisal carpets
Vinyl sheet flooring

We Stock Trendsetting Styles Of Vinyl Carpet

At our shop, you’ll find the vinyl roll carpet in a range of eye-catching designs, that’s how we ensure there’s no compromise over the aesthetic factor as well, in addition to matchless functionality. From residential interiors to commercial, you can have this carpeting for any and every place you can think of, all thanks to the purposeful versatility.

You can get your hands on our carpet tiles as well, and there are various other measurements available too.

Explore Our Eco-Friendly Vinyl Floor Carpet Choices

Vinyl Carpet Tile

These modular tiles are excellent as a temporary and patterned floor covering; easy to install, remove and care for

Vinyl Carpet Tile

Vinyl Thick Carpeting 

This option is incredibly heavy-duty and hard-wearing, hence is perfect for all high-traffic areas, walkways, entryways, staircases and outdoors

Vinyl Sheet Thick Carpeting

Vinyl Roll Carpet

The cheapest yet most favorable option for wall-to-wall carpeting, our vinyl carpet rolls remain serviceable for decades on end

Vinyl Carpet Roll

Pre-Backed Vinyl Floor

These carpet vinyl rolls come with integrated backings and are a bounty for DIY enthusiasts, offering an endless functionality

Pre-Backed Vinyl Floor Carpets

We Are The Most Renowned Vinyl Carpet Suppliers In Dubai

And with us, you’ll enjoy the quickest, yet most efficient and promising carpeting treatments, and can be rest assured of making valuable investments.

unique carpets


Unique Carpets 

padding options


Padding Options 

customization possibilities


Customization Possibilities 

Eco friendly option


Eco-friendly Options 

low VOC products


Low-VOC Products 

Experience Mind-blowing Carpet Customizations With Us

Grass Carpet is dedicated to making every home improvement a memorable and long-term favorable experience for you. This goes the same for our luxury vinyl carpet, as we offer you plenty of design, color and pattern customization options for them. Besides, you can also get the carpet size customized to your intended places. Not to mention our vinyl carpeting is an excellent choice for wall-to-wall carpeting treatment.

Area Measurements
Area Measurements
Subfloor Treatments
Subfloor Treatments
long lasting solutions
Long-lasting Solutions
quick servicing
Quick Servicings
Beautiful Vinyl Carpet
Vinyl Carpet

We Provide The Ultimate Best Vinyl Carpet Installation Services

Vinyl Dubai carpeting being a high-end floor covering, asks for professional undertaking in order to enable all the benefits for you. And we’ve got you in this regard, as you can get both the vinyl carpet roll and installation services at our platform, hence enjoy a streamlined home improvement.

Our professionals will also educate you with modern carpet trends for Dubai homes, helping you settle for the best. You can flawlessly achieve your ideal Dubai interior design with our proficient and affordable services. Reach out today to learn about amazing deals!

Associated Carpet Services We Provide 

exciting carpet removal
Existing Carpet Removal
sublime underlayments
Sublime Underlayments
product sampling
Product Sampling
on site styling
On-site Styling
luxury vinyl carpet

What Makes Our Vinyl Carpet Flooring A Beneficial Investment?

Choosing our vinyl carpet tiles as your home flooring will benefit you in multiple ways and for extensive time spans as well.

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Affordable And Versatile Carpeting

Our pvc carpeting is a cheap yet entirely purposeful option.

instant working

Low-Maintenance Covering

These carpet tiles won’t require any tiresome or costly upkeep.

reliable finishing

Eco-Friendly Flooring Choice

Vinyl carpet rolls are completely eco-friendly, non-toxic and low VOC.

easy payment methods

Timeless Comfort Addition

Our vinyl luxury carpeting also ensures walking safety for all

Why Choose Us?

Grass Carpet is the top-tier firm providing premium-grade soft and hard floor treatments for the effective and long-lasting upgrade of all interiors. Vinyl Carpet Dubai is one of our extraordinary carpeting services combining luxury and serviceability like never before. We also offer the best vinyl carpet installation services at affordable pricings.

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Rapid Ravishing

We serve you with instant vinyl carpet additions, while also addressing all of your subfloor flaws for added advantages

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Tasteful Tailoring

You can have all sorts of size and profile customizations from us to make your carpets a part of your Dubai interior design

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Frequently Asked Questions

Vinyl Carpet

Our vinyl carpets are an ideally best option for all residential interiors and bedrooms aren’t an exception either. These carpets provide exceptional comfort, coziness, insulation and are great for energy-saving and safety concerns as well.

Yes, Our Vinyl Dubai Carpets come with excellent moisture-resistance, therefore a suitable option for all those areas where normal carpets cannot be installed. However, regular upkeep is still necessary and adequate drying post cleanups and spills is also crucial.

Vinyl floor carpets are one of the most heavy-duty and durable options for floor covering and can be even used as a substitute to costly hard floorings. In general, you can expect them to last for one or two decades with the right extent of maintenance practices.

Nearly all of the vinyl soft flooring options available at our platform are greatly budget-friendly, most importantly vinyl carpet tiles. Besides, this treatment will serve you for the longest periods of time, hence proving to be cost-effective.

Absolutely not! Our vinyl floor carpet tiles are incredibly low-maintenance and a great choice for areas with extensive foot traffic and usage, where extensive upkeep is a problem. Basic regular vacuum cleaning and occasional deep cleaning can keep this luxury carpeting running for years straight.