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We, the most renowned carpets suppliers In Dubai, have got you an entire collection of Uv-Resistant outdoor carpets for a favorable change in your residential exteriors, making them the cozy and delightful like never before!

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Elegant Outdoor Carpets Dubai

Affordable Outdoor Carpets For Gardens

At Grass Carpet, we have the ultimate best solutions to redefine the way you utilize your outdoor spaces. Our carpets installation in Dubai is the cheapest yet most influential way to not just make your outdoor decors way more comfortable but also obtain a welcoming effect for the rest of the place. These outdoor carpets are not just a beautiful and comforting element themselves but also a fine idea to emphasize the rest of the decor.

We have an entire range of outdoor carpet Designs and patterns for you to explore and pick out your favorite ones, the classiest decor approach on a budget!

Explore Our Eco-friendly Exterior Carpet Options

Custom Outdoor Carpet

Features your desired patterns, colors, prints and can be customized in terms of measurements as well.

Pattern Design balcony carpets

Fake Grass Carpet For Outdoors

Lets you enjoy the beauty and liveliness of real grass without any tough maintenance or expenses.

Grass carpet for Outdoor space

Outdoor Patio Carpets

Outdoor carpets available in a variety of eye-catching styles and excellent for adorning patio, deck and all other surfaces.

Outdoor Patio Carpets

Water-resistant Balcony Carpets

Completely tough against moisture damage and great for a low-maintenance decorative outdoor covering

Water-resistant Balcony Carpets

Reach Out To The Most Trustworthy Outdoor Carpet Suppliers In Dubai

We offer affordable carpets for gardens, decks, patios, in a range of styles and versions such as artificial grass and Uv-Resistant carpets in Dubai.

Flexible Payment Method

Budget-Friendly Services

Installed Carpets

Durable Carpeting Solutions

Years Of Experience

Years Of Experience

Eco-friendly Materials

Accomplished Projects

Satisfied Clients

Take A Look At The Benefits Of Using Outdoor Carpets

Of course, there are plenty of worthwhile aspects of getting carpet installation In Dubai from us. As per the foremost one, these carpets give a well-put-together and hence welcoming look to all your exterior spaces, be it a non-functional corner or a boring deck. They encourage a smart usage of the space and can also be used to extend seating spaces whenever required. You can have the most ravishing exterior carpets from us at the cheapest prices.

Easy To Clean Surfaces
UV-resistant Dyes
Waterproof Profiles
Heavy Face Weights
Durable Outdoor Carpets Dubai

Choose Our Services For The Most Flawless Carpet Installations

Grass Carpets will be your trustworthy platform towards finely changed and enhanced interiors, helping you benefit the most from your carpet investments. Our carpet installation, fixing and fitting services ensure the best flaunting of your chosen outdoor carpets Dubai, giving the classiest looks to your residential and commercial exteriors. We also provide floor inspections and addressing to put an end to all sorts of damages and imperfections.

In addition to the most proficient carpet fittings, you can also shop for various essentials and accessories from us, such as underlayment and adhesives.

Our Featured Carpeting Treatments

Design Consultations
Subfloor Preparation
Floor Preparations & Treatments
Free Measurements
Quality Products
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Classic Outdoor Carpets Dubai

We Provide Classy Carpets With Affordable Price Tags

Visit our outlets and shop for the best outdoor floor coverings on a budget.

Endless Serviceability

Our UV-Resistant Outdoor Carpets In Dubai will be the most long-lasting decor items for your outdoors.

Creative Customizations

Get your hands on bespoke designed carpets, right according to your desired aesthetics and requirements.

Flexible Options

We have a range of carpet options for every space and setting, and of course aesthetic preferences too.

Fastest Deliveries

You will get to enjoy your transformed and improved outdoor decors in a minimum time span.

Why Choose Us?

Grass Carpet is the leading dealer of the finest soft and hard flooring treatments in the entire UAE. We have a purposeful carpeting idea for every outdoor improvement and beautification requirement of yours. Not to mention that our outdoor carpets treatments are completely pocket-friendly.

Quickest Services

Experience the ultimate magic of exterior carpeting with us and watch your outdoors turn into the best retreats.

Promising Solutions

Get all your outdoor decor and upgrading concerns relieved with us and enjoy the most cost-effective servicing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some more insights into our exterior carpeting solutions and the perks you’re meant to enjoy with them.

These carpets are usually made of acrylic, jute, sisal, polyester, nylon, and polypropylene since these materials are resilient, heavy-duty and easy to clean as well. Besides, you can also get the blends of these materials for your carpet constructions.

For the upkeep of exterior carpeting, you need to consider regular vacuuming and occasional deep cleanups. Besides, you can also make the cleaning easier by pre-treating any stains or performing spot cleanups. Always ensure complete drying before using the carpeting again.

The size of outdoor carpeting initially depends on furnishing arrangements and whether or not there are other objects present in the space. You can go for both smaller rugs or huge carpetings in accordance with your preferences of the floor coverage.

By all means! Our premium outdoor carpets Dubai are designed to provide a purposeful functionality outdoors under all circumstances. These carpets are pre-treated with UV-resistant coatings, waterproof treatments and are also made to be mold and mildew resistant.