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Installing Artificial Grass On Decking | All You Need To Know

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Treating your outdoors with artificial grass is the most timeless way to improve the value, appeal, functionality, and comfort simultaneously. Synthetic turf is designed to be installed over any kind of hard or soft surface after floor leveling. Among other exterior spaces, decking is the most widely installed flooring option outdoors that can be ideally covered with artificial grass on decking for comfort provision.

For homeowners who are tired of the hectic cleaning and maintenance of decks, laying grass over them is the most functional and cost-effective solution. If you are planning to fit AstroTurf on your decks and looking for a guide, you are at the right place. This guide by Grass Carpet covers the reasons and simple steps for installing artificial turf on your outdoor structures.

Why Lay Down Artificial grass On Decking?

It is important to familiarize yourself with the reasons to have your decks covered with fake turf. Over time, your decking shows the signs of wear and tear and gets discolored. To restore the look and avoid more damage, you can treat your exteriors with artificial grass. In addition to that, homeowners with pets and kids must consider installing this turf on their decks to avoid the hassles of frequent maintenance and cleaning. You can put this grass on decking because of these obvious reasons:

  • Get A Finished And Fresh Outdoor Look
  • Improved Insulation Against Sun Heat
  • Decks Protection From Wear And Tear.
  • More Comfortable Underfoot Feeling
  • A Softer Surface For Kids To Play Over
  • Prevents The Pooling Of Water On The Deck

Why Lay Down Fake Turf On Decking

Step By Step Tutorial To Put Artificial grass On Decking

Compared to other surfaces, the installation of artificial grass Dubai on decks requires certain considerations. To initiate the smooth process, you need to grab some tools and materials needed for the process.

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Gather Required Tools & Supplies

The following supplies and equipment must be handy to begin with the process besides artificial grass.

  • Joining Tape
  • Tape Measure
  • Artificial grass glue
  • Stiff Broom
  • Flat Shovel
  • 20mm Shock Pad Underlay
  • Razor Or Stanley knife
  • Spare Blades
  • Turf Cutter
  • Hose
  • Safety gloves
  • Straight Edge

1. Prepare The Area

Start the process by preparing the area for the installation of artificial grass on decking. Using the stiff broom, remove all the dirt and dust from the surface. For worn-out and damaged decks, you can use the paste of wood putty or powder to apply over the affected scratched area and let it dry.

After the application of paste, wipe out the area for the removal of excess paste and wood particles. The area can be washed with hose water to achieve a properly cleaned surface. Additionally, you can level the area using a flat shovel for a sustainable installation of fake grass over your outdoor wooden structures.

 Prepare The Area

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2. Lay Down Padding

Now that you have a smooth, leveled, and properly cleaned surface, it’s time to lay down the padding. Before fitting the underlay, you will need to apply artificial grass glue or adhesive for a long-lasting fit.

Take measurements of the deck portion using a tape measure to cut the underlay to size. Apply the adhesive in the small portion at first and begin laying the padding role side by side. Press the padding over the deck surface, ensuring a secure fit, cushioned surface, and improved performance.

Lay Down Padding

3. Install The Fake Turf

After shock-padding installation, proceed with the fitting of the synthetic turf which can be effortlessly done. Unroll your artificial turf roll and begin laying it down after the right application of fake turf glue. Stretch out the turf to eliminate loose surfaces or bumps.

To stop the grass from creasing or wrinkling, leave it overnight. You can use any heavier objects or pins to keep the corners of this grass in their place. These pins can be installed using a hammer to ensure the secure fitting over the decks.

Install The Fake Turf 2

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4. Cut The Excess Portion

After laying down, you will need to trim the edges to remove the excess part from the sides of your decks. Use a sharp knife or blade to neatly cut the edges. Ensure the use of safety gloves to avoid any harm from sudden cuts.

You can use a straight edge or ruler to keep the other side safe when you are trimming the additional part. Make sure you create neat edges after cutting with no damage to fibers from the installed portion.

Cut The Excess Portion Artificial Turf On Decking

5. Make The Joins

Lastly, you have to make the joins which can be effectively done using outdoor tape or glue. For fixing your fake turf down, you can use a combination of adhesive material or joining tape. Apply the glue for joining purposes in both length and width.

For proficient fixing and long-lasting serviceability, the joining tape can be applied on all side edges that were trimmed before. After this step, you are done with the installation process of fake grass on your decking.

Make The Joins

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To Wind Up!

Artificial grass, being the versatile option can be installed anywhere in your residential and commercial spaces including decking. However, you have to be careful in taking steps for installation to ensure long-lasting serviceability. Before installation, you must gather all the tools and materials needed for the process. After, begin by installing the boards on the decking surface.

Lay down the underlay product after the application of the adhesive layer. Secure it perfectly and install the fake turf by cutting it to size using the turf cutter. When you get the grass installed on the decks, use a sharp blade or Stanley knife to neatly cut the edges. Use high-quality glue or tape to make the joins. Read the complete blog to understand flawless grass installation DIY. Best Of Luck!

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