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How To Clean And Maintain Artificial Grass?

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The use of artificial grass for both residential and commercial places has created new hype in the UAE Market. The artificial grass cleaning is almost easier and smoother as compared to natural grass. In this article, Grass Carpet has elaborated on some unique and effective techniques for cleaning and maintaining fake grass. By considering all these techniques, you can surely maintain your outdoor areas covered with fake grass with little effort.

Artificial Grass Cleaning & Maintenance | A Comprehensive Guide

Artificial grass requires a proper maintenance routine to make the floor surface free from debris, pet waste, fallen leaves, weeds, or twigs. This grass is not prone to the growth of mold or fungi due to its unique turf composition. But its synthetic fibers are suspected of wear and tear in high-traffic areas. Besides core functional benefits, this grass also ensures a mesmerizing floor ambiance due to its lush green and textured fibers. We have also enlisted a list of necessary materials that can be used for its maintenance.

Artificial Grass Cleaning & Maintenance

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Supplies You Will Require To Clean

  • Leaf Blower
  • Grass Rake
  • Mower Brush
  • Clean Water
  • Household Detergent
  • Vinegar Solution
  • Diluted Bleach

Regular Dusting Or Brushing

For regular dusting, a wide range of materials or tools are required such as a lawn mower brush, handheld blower, or grass rake. To remove the organic debris, dust particles, fallen leaves, and weeds, a grass rake or lawn brush can be utilized. If all these particles remain on the grass surface, they will ultimately reach the grass blades and affect their durability.

Regular Dusting Or Brushing

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Cleaning Mild Stains

Removing mild stains from the grass surface is not an easy task, it requires precise techniques. In everyday life, grass carpet gets multiple mild stains such as alcohol, blood, tea, or coffee. These stains affect its fiber texture due to multi-shades and colors.

  • Cleaning the stains as soon as possible is the best way to keep the turf surface new.
  • Rub the paper towel or soft cloth to blot the stained synthetic turf.
  • To wash the surface, prepare a solution of water and good-quality household detergent.
  • For a stronger solution, you can also use ammonia solution in water to efficiently remove these mild stains.
  • After cleaning with ammonia or detergent solution, rinse the artificial turf with cold clean water.

Cleaning Mild Stains

Cleaning Stubborn Stains

Most of the time, the fake grass carpet also gets stubborn or sticky stains that require a huge effort to wipe them. For user convenience and ease, we have highlighted some effective stain-removing techniques.

  • The sticky staining of grease, tree saps, motor oil, or ink not only affects the texture of Astro grass turf but also creates an annoying surface for humans.
  • To remove these sticky stains, you need to compose a solution of ammonia, spirit, and water in an appropriate ratio.
  • Spray this solution on the affected area and leave it here for a few minutes to get better results.
  • After a few minutes, wash the turf with clean water to restore the shine and texture by removing the residues.

Cleaning Stubborn Stains

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How To Remove Pet Waste?

Synthetic grass is the best floor surface to play on for pets and kids due to its extra softness and comfort. This grass surface also gets dirty with pet waste and other toxic materials. To remove the pet waste from the turf layer, we have mentioned multiple effective techniques.

  • Before proper washing, leave the waste material until it is fully dried.
  • After drying, remove waste material by using a scooper or baggie.
  • To remove the odor from the grass carpet, spray baking soda or the best quality non-toxic fresher liquid on the grass turf.
  • To clean and deodorize the surface properly, you can also spray the solution of water and vinegar in a specific concentration.
  • A diluted bleach solution is another effective tool to kill the microbes and pathogens from the Astro grass surface.

How To Remove Pet Waste

Final Words!

Cleaning and maintenance of artificial grass is necessary for sustainability and hygienic floor surfaces. Regular cleaning of fake grass also ensures health-friendly flooring for both kids and pets playing. Grass Carpet has described all the fruitful techniques for regular dusting, mild, and stubborn stain cleaning. Moreover, we have also composed a list of effective materials that should be used in the proper cleaning of the synthetic fiber grass.

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