How To Get Rid Of New Carpet Smell?

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Placing carpets on the floor surface reflects comfortable and luxurious outcomes along with functional benefits. Discussing facts, carpets can create unpleasant and irritating odor (Off-gassing) that can offend your visitors. In this article, Grass Carpet has revealed effective techniques to get rid of new carpet smell. By applying all these effective techniques, you will surely get an odor-free, clean, and hygienic flooring surface.

Get Rid Of New Carpet Smell | DIY Techniques

Get Rid Of New Carpet Smell

The new carpet smell is usually spread due to its manufacturing with volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Inhaling these harmful compounds while breathing can create toxicity in your respiratory system. This annoying odor keeps going in the atmosphere for almost days to weeks after installation. However, before choosing any carpet, make sure that it is fabricated with natural or green materials instead of the materials that emit VOCs in the air. To remove new carpet smell, we have enlisted useful DIY practices.

  • Exhaust the room
  • Vacuum the carpet to dampen smell
  • Steam cleaning the carpet
  • Try backing soda for carpet
  • Insert potted plants in room
  • Try scents or sprays
  • Utilize air-conditioner (AC)
  • Other simple techniques

1. Exhaust The Room

To vanish the new wall to wall carpets odor, first of all, you should ventilate your room by utilizing the exhaust fan. Moreover, you can keep all the room windows and doors open for almost 48-72 hours. This simple practice can provide greater assistance in removing this irritating odor. After 48-72 hours, if you feel this odor again in the room, you should enhance the time duration and speed of fans for more efficient results.

Exhauste The Room

2. Vacuum The Carpet To Dampen New Carpet Smell

Another most vital practice to keep your carpet surface free from irritating odor and dust particles is vacuuming. After the installation of carpets, you should vacuum carpet regularly with a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner. Because vacuuming freshens the carpet by accessing the carpet fibers’ roots and eliminating the loose debris.

3. Steam Cleaning The Carpet

If new carpet smell is not evacuated with other techniques, you can apply the steam cleaning technique by making a steam vinegar solution. For sticky odors, this technique can give excellent results because vinegar is a powerful odor remover. Before cleaning, make a solution in the desired quantity and then spray on the new carpet with the help of a steam cleaner.

Steam Cleaning The Carpet

3. Try Baking Soda For Carpet

Sprinkling baking soda powder on the carpet will also remove this irritating odor. You should sprinkle the powder and make a layer on the carpet surface. Keep this powder on the carpet for at least 1-2 days for effective results. After a day or two, remove the powder content from the carpet surface using a vacuum cleaner. However, if you don’t get a better result, you can repeat this technique to get rid new carpet smell.

4. Insert Green Plants In The Room

The ornamental house plants are also called potted plants such as Pothos, Peace Lily, Rubber plant, Aloe Vera, or snake plant, etc. These plants are placed inside a house or room to spread light fragrances for creating a fresh atmosphere. They play a significant role in producing fresh air inside the room and exhausting old odor.

Insert Green Plants In The Room

5. Try Scents Or Sprays

Another most common way to remove sticky carpet odor is to use scents or sprays in the room. By spraying the air fresheners or scents in the air, you can overcome the irritating odor with zero effort. But air fresheners and scents are somewhat costly and require a handsome budget. Moreover, this simple technique can also make your room’s atmosphere more pleasant and air-friendly.

6. Utilize Air-conditioner (AC)

You can also utilize the room air conditioner or heater to remove the carpet’s annoying odor in a very short time. Keep on your AC for a few hours until the odor is entirely removed. The air conditioner can assist in ventilating your room’s air by allowing the fresh air to come and smell to exhaust.

Note: This practice requires electricity consumption.

Utilize Air-conditioner

7. Other Simple Techniques

We have also mentioned some other essential techniques to apply to eliminate odor from new carpets. You can prepare large-sized slices of apples and onions and place them in a small bowl with a minute amount of water. Place this bowl in any corner of the carpet room for 12-14 hours. After a few hours, you can feel a major odor reduction.


We have also enlisted some precautionary measures to follow while trying to remove odor from the carpet surface.

  • Never eat in a carpeted room because food odor is swiftly soaked up into the carpet. Instead of removing the smell from the carpet, this food smell will mix with the carpet smell and make it more sticky.
  • Don’t utilize washing powder or detergents on the carpet to remove new carpet smell. Because these powders can leave residual content on the carpet that can reduce the carpet’s shine.
  • Before choosing any carpet, make sure that it is manufactured with green or natural materials instead of VOCs. Never buy carpets that contains excessive volatile organic compound.

Wrapping Up!

It is concluded with the confidence that removing an irritating smell from carpet surfaces is not a difficult task, it requires some patience with technical knowledge of ventilation. Grass Carpet has mentioned some incredible techniques to implement for better outcomes. By considering any suitable technique, you can easily get rid of the stubborn smell of VOCs from your carpet.

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