How to use carpet tape on a rug?

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Do you have a rug that keeps moving on your floor and becomes a reason for slips caused by curling edges? Now, you need not worry because here is an easy and budget-friendly solution to this problem. You can use carpet tape if you have a rug that constantly moves from its place and develops curling edges. This displacement could be a reason for the shorter lifespan of your rug and its decreased beauty. For that purpose, Rug gripper tape is the right choice, but before purchasing it, you should know its purpose and what it is. This helpful guide will lead you from how to use it to which material it is made of.

What is Carpet tape, and How is it made?

What is Carpet tape, and How is it made

It is a double-sided pressure-sensitive tape that has adhesives on both sides. A layer of backing is applied to keep the adhesive fresh. This tape makes a bond between the floor and the rug. This tape is an excellent solution to keep your rug in its place. Luxury carpet Dubai is a feasible option because it is easy to remove and leaves no stains behind. It provides good adhesion and is a versatile option. It can be used for various purposes like in gyms, hotels, museums, and commercial purposes for non-conductive mats, no-slip mats, or temporary rugs.

There are available carpet tapes in the market made from various materials like silicon, Polyester, PVC, Rubber, and adhesives like glue. These are considered as the strong and long-lasting adhesives. The silicon-based tape has a less damaging effect on your rug and flooring.

Steps to Use Carpet Tape

Steps to Use Carpet Tape

Now that you have a complete understanding of the carpet tape let’s discover these easy steps to reduce the unlikely movements of rugs.

  1. Before directly applying the tape, clean the surface and make it free from dust particles because dust could be a reason for improper adhesion. So, clean the surface and remove any furniture items in that area.
  2. Now, take a rug and unroll it. Stretch it thoroughly and place it on the surface for an hour.
  3. After stretching, roll half of the rug and tape the floor perimeter. Don’t remove the protective lining from the tape.
  4. Now, take the rug from the floor and place the tape in X-shape. Before peeling the backing, take a straightedge and knife to trim the excessive material of the rug.
  5. After remove carpet backing, place the rug again on the surface.
  6. Use a carpet roller to stick the tape and rug completely. If you don’t have a roller, you can also walk smoothly on it to ensure the proper adhesion.

Purpose To Use Rugs Gripper Tape

Using carpet tape can have various purposes besides securing it to its place. Let’s dive deep to understand why it is essential.

Reduce the chances of slips

Reduce the chances of slips

A rug without adhesive tape could have curled and folded edges, which could lead to some severe injuries. Thus, using it could protect us from slips and falls.

Easy to Remove

It is easy to remove; you can remove it whenever you need. But try to avoid carpet tape made of harsh adhesives. They can cause damage to certain floorings like vinyl or laminate.

Easy to Install

The installation process of these rugs is easy using these adhesives. You just need to clean your surface, apply the tape on the floor, and put the carpet back on it after removing the backing, and here you are done.

Increase Lifespan

Increase Lifespan

The most important aspect is that it increases the lifespan of rugs. The constant movement could be a reason for their wear-out condition. This adhesive will provide them with a firm grip and will ensure an enhanced lifespan.


Carpet tape is strong and resistant to stress, giving your rug a secure grip. So, if you are facing a problem of rug displacement, you should purchase it. Make the surface clean before applying tape, and use a roller to smooth the surface after placing the rug. It provides a firm adhesion between the floor and the rug, thus increasing its lifespan and reducing the chances of slips and falls.

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