How to remove makeup from the carpet?

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People love to do makeup because it makes them look attractive, but sometimes, these cosmetics products fall on the carpet and become the reason for stains. When you leave these products on the carpet for a long time, they could be challenging to remove. These stains could reduce the elegance of your space, but you need not worry because here in this guide, we will help you to remove cosmetics marks easily.

Essential Material to remove makeup from the carpet

You will need some necessary tools and materials to remove the stains.

You can remove these marks easily by using various materials like

  1. Dish washing soap
  2. Lukewarm water
  3. Hydrogen peroxide
  4. Microfiber cloth
  5. Cosmetic remover
  6. Rubbing alcohol
  7. Vinegar
  8. Ammonia
  9. Baking soda
  10. Carpet stain remover

Tip: It is recommended not to leave the product on the rug longer because it will be difficult to remove. Try to use a knife or spoon to instantly remove the excessive makeup present on the upper surface, and then start the removal process and test a small area before applying any solution. When in doubt, consult a carpet seller to explore different ways to keep these precautions in mind.

Method 1: (Dish washing Soap)

Dishwashing Soap

The removal of these marks depends upon the fabric and type of solution that you are using.

  • Firstly, make a mixture in a spray bottle using water and soap.
  • It is advised to clean the carpet surface with microfiber fabric because it can remove more dust.
  • Don’t try to rub the surface because it can cause the stain to penetrate deeply and be challenging to remove.
  • You can do blotting instead. After blotting, use water to rinse the surface and check if the stain is removed.

Method 2: ( Hydrogen Peroxide)

Hydrogen Peroxide

This could be an effective way to remove the marks.

  • Start with making a solution of hydrogen peroxide with water.
  • Clean the stained area with a dry cloth before applying the solution.
  • Apply the solution and leave it for a while and start blotting.
  • Use clean water to rinse the carpet surface and let it dry.
  • Stain will be gone for sure.

Kindly read the manufacturer’s instructions before applying because it can cause damage.

Method 3: ( Vinegar or Baking Soda)

Baking Soda to remove makeup stain

You can easily remove the marks of makeup by either making a paste of baking soda with water or by a mixture of vinegar and water.

For vinegar

Vinegar could be a good choice because it can remove stubborn marks and carpet smell.

  • Beauty products’ stains can be removed with water and vinegar solution.
  • Just make a 1:1 mixture and apply it to the marks
  • Blot it and then clean it with water.

For Baking Soda

It is considered the most effective way because it not only removes marks but also reduces foul odors.

  • Mix an appropriate amount of baking soda in water.
  • Apply it to the makeup mark and leave it for a few hours.
  • Now, smoothly rub it and clean it with water.

Method 4: (Alcohol or Ammonia)

Alcohol or Ammonia

Remove makeup from the carpets or rugs by using an ammonia solution with water or rubbing alcohol, but try to test it on a small part before use.

For Rubbing alcohol

Sometimes soap and detergent don’t remove spots, and you will need other solutions like alcohol.

  • The propyl and denatured alcohol could be the best choice in that case because it can remove stains effectively.
  • Just apply it to the stained area, blot it, and rinse it with clean water, and here you are done with marks removal.

For Ammonia

  • You can use ammonia to remove the stubborn stains and sanitize the carpet. Just make a solution of water and ammonia.
  • Apply the solution on the stain and do its blotting.
  • Now, take water to rinse it and let it dry.
  • Check if the stain is removed.

Method 5: ( Manufacturer Advice)

Manufacturer Advice for cleaning

If you cannot remove the stains and marks by using these materials, it is recommended to get the help of an expert because they can make your carpet look new by removing cosmetic stains. Sometimes, ammonia, alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide could cause damage to your rug. So, recommendation is to take the advice of an expert before using harsh materials.

Preventive Measures

To make your carpet free from cosmetics marks, it is recommended to place your dressing away from that area, or if not so, you should have makeup removal strips or tissues that you can use on carpets if it drops on the surface. You can also use specific carpet cleaners if an accident happens. If a mishap occurs, don’t start rubbing the surface; it can cause discoloration and damage.


Mishaps of cosmetic dropping on the carpets happen, but how you deal with those stains is important. Sometimes, you leave the mark thinking it will be cleaned later, but this is not correct because with time that mark can get stubborn. So, use the above-given instructions to clean the surface and remember preventive measures.

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