How To Clean A Sisal Rug? A Complete Guide

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Sisal rugs are one of the most excellent investments for home decoration and comfort enhancement. Natural sisal area rugs are heavy-duty and have a textured surface that requires low maintenance and cleaning. However, it’s important to practice the right techniques and considerations. In this DIY guide, Grass Carpet has mentioned complete guidelines for cleaning and maintaining sisal home rugs.

Best Method to Clean Sisal Rugs | A Detailed Guide

Sisal Rugs Cleaning & Maintenance

The maintenance and care of sisal-made carpets is quite easier than other carpets due to their high dust, stain, and moisture resistance. We have explored a streamlined way to clean sisal rugs or carpets in a very short time.

Stuff You Will Need To Clean

  • Sponge/ Microfiber Cloth
  • Clean Soft Towel
  • Water Bucket
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Broom
  • Mild Detergent

Dusting Sisal Rugs

Dusting Sisal Rugs

For dusting sisal rugs, you can use two basic techniques– shaking or vacuuming the rug.

By Shaking

If you choose to shake the rug to eliminate dust particles, you should take the rug to an open outside space. Hang the rug on a sturdy clothes rail or line for more convenience. Now you can use a broom or wooden stick to gently rub on the hanging rug and shake it. The loosened dust particles will be removed from rug layers with frequent shaking. While shaking you should also consider the backing material of the rug for effectively getting rid of all the dust.

By Vacuuming

For vacuuming the sisal carpets or rug, you should place the rug on a plain surface such as a garage, ground, lawn, etc. Move the brush attachment of the vacuum cleaner back and forth on either side of the rug. Keep the soft brush of the vacuum cleaner at an optimum height for better dusting. The foremost benefit of using a vacuum cleaner is that it efficiently improves indoor air quality.

Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Before starting deep cleaning of sisal rugs or carpets, you need to make a cleaning solution.

Preparation Of Cleaning Solution

You can utilize household ingredients or any other high-quality commercial carpet cleaning agents. To prepare a cleaning solution, add 2 spoons of mild detergent to a bucket of clean water. Mix both detergent and water thoroughly until bubbles are formed.

Scrubbing With Sponge Or Brush

To scrub the rug, always use a soft sponge or brush because a hard tool can damage the fibers of the rug. Dip the sponge or brush into the bucket of detergent solution and then rub it on the rug on each side. Start scrubbing from one side of the rug and gently move to the other side. When you see the brush getting dirty due to soil or mud, you should rinse it with clean water and repeat the scrubbing.



Rinse With Clean Water

After the complete scrubbing of the rug, it’s time to rinse it with clean running water. You can use a garden pipe to rinse the rug with pressurized water spray. This technique will be helpful in the easy removal of dust and detergent residues in a very short time. Keep washing the rug until all the dust and detergent have been removed, because the presence of wet dust or mud can lead to mildew or fungal development.

Drying And Reusing

Drying And Reusing

Dry The Cleaned Rug

This step is very important after cleaning the sisal rugs. To minimize the moisture content, you should use a towel or other absorbent cloth to rub the rug which will soak most of the water content. For better drying and air circulation, hang the rug again on a clothes rail or line. Let it hang for 5-6 hours for maximum air exposure and complete moisture removal.

Stain Removing Techniques For Sisal Rugs

Stain Removing Techniques For Sisal Rugs

To remove stains from sisal-made natural rugs, we have enlisted some efficient tips and ideas.

  • If you find any stains on the rug, don’t rub them because rubbing the stained area can lead to the transfer of spill or stain to the deeper layers of the rug.
  • Instead of rubbing the stains, absorb the stained area with dry paper towels or soft cloths.
  • If the stain is still wet, let it dry to prevent spreading. After drying the stains, shake the rug or use a vacuum cleaner to remove any solid residue.
  • Never apply any stain remover directly on the sisal rug because it can lead to the spreading of stains. Always use a dry cloth to rub the cleaner on the stained area.
  • Never apply chemicals such as oxygen bleach, chlorine bleach or ammonia on the surface of sisal-made rugs. These chemicals are harmful to carpets as they can damage and weaken the fibers.
  • You can also use baking soda on the stained area of sisal carpets. After a few hours, remove the powder residue by using a vacuum cleaner.

Tips To Keep Clean Sisal Rugs For A Long Time

Tips To Keep Your Sisal Rug Clean For A Long Time

We have enlisted some helpful tips that can keep your sisal rugs clean and dust-free for a long time.

  • Adopt a “no shoes policy” indoors to keep your carpet safe from excessive mud and dust accumulation. Because most mud and dust come with shoes inside the home.
  • In case of cat or dog urination or feces, try to rinse the carpet with diluted vinegar to remove the foul odor. After treating with the vinegar solution, use a disinfectant to kill all the germs.
  • To freshen the look of sisal rugs, you can wash them with non-toxic carpet shampoo and then dry the rug in sunlight to remove any moisture content.
  • Rotate the sisal rugs at regular intervals to reduce the footwear burden and ensure equal wear from all sides.
  • Protect your carpet from excessive sunlight and rain to prevent color fading. Moreover, frequent exposure to sunlight also weakens the carpet fibers.
  • At least once a year, you should clean the carpet with a steam cleaner or get professional carpet cleaning services to remove dirt particles from deep layers of fibers.

Final Words!

It is concluded that sisal rugs require proper cleaning and maintenance for their durability and better performance. In addition, regular cleaning and maintenance also ensure the prolonged beauty and shine of sisal soft flooring. Grass Carpet has got you all the cleaning and maintenance procedures for these rugs. By following our efficient step-by-step guide, you can easily carry out a DIY carpet cleaning at home.

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