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Carpet Tiles vs. Traditional Carpets

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Reshaping your space has proven to be very beneficial in terms of comfort, security, advancement, and functionality. One mandatory thing to consider while modifying your place is flooring. The flooring is an integral part of any interior that can determine the functionality of your area.

Enhance the visual appearance of your space in a low-budget way is easy nowadays because of the availability of so many floor coverings. While searching for a comfortable flooring, you will learn various options like traditional carpets and carpet tiles in the market. Both flooring have their own aspects, and you should know which is feasible for your space. This comprehensive guide by Grass Carpet will help you to make an informed decision whether to go with the traditional one or with carpet tiles.

What Are Carpet Tiles?

What Are Carpet Tiles

The Carpet tiles are small carpets that can be arranged in various styles to give different patterns. These tiles are a versatile choice that can fit with any interior and made from wool, polyester, nylon, and other recycled materials. These tiles are getting trendy in Dubai because of their versatility and easy maintenance demands.

Below are some aspects that make these carpet tiles a feasible option for your flooring.

Easy To Replace

Easy To Replace

You can replace or wash the damaged part of these floor coverings with no fear of color-fading issues. Because they are crafted from small pieces, you can restore them. It is recommended to clean a spill immediately to prevent any damage.

Cost Effective

These carpet floor tiles are low-budget options because there is no need to use any additional underlying or padding. They come with an attached peel-and-stick backing, which prevents the individual from investing in extra adhesive.

Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance

Due to the different patterns of these tiles, they can mask the dust particles. But you will need to clean them with regular vacuuming. It is the right choice for high-traffic areas because you can conveniently remove a specific tile if something spills on it and can place it back after cleaning.

Variety OF Styles

Carpet tiles have different styles, which makes them a choice for many individuals. You can select a style that complements the interior of your space.

The cut pile, loop pile, and a combination of both create styles like plush, Saxony, and frieze. The manufacturers play with their patterns by arranging them differently to give a unique floor look.

Create Zones

Create Zones

The tile style of carpet is considered the best way to create and define zones for your space. You can also show your productivity by its different colors and shapes. For offices, homes, and other places, you can add dimensions and different zones used for various purposes.

Easy Installation

The easy installation makes them popular among people of different regions. You will just need a proper measurement and stick them on the floor after removing the adhesive backing. Talking professionals’ help or watching the entire installation process is recommendable before fixing these tiles on your floor.

Style And Aesthetic

Style And Aesthetic

This floor covering gives your area a modern, sleek, attractive look. The shapes vary from square to rectangular, while it has multiple colors, and you can choose the one according to your preference. Their different patterns give an attractive, subtle, and sleek look to your area.

What Are Traditional Carpets?

What Are Traditional Carpets

The traditional carpets are considered as the one that is hand woven on the loom, comes in wide rolls, is made from one piece of material, and can fit at any place. These carpets have their own aesthetic appeal; therefore, they are still used by many people. Below are some aspects that make these floor carpets feasible for any area.

Cultural Importance

The traditional carpets have historical and cultural importance. People still install them as the flooring of their space. They add symbols and motives to your space. Whether it is a Persian rug or a Moroccan carpet, these are the choices of people of all ages.

Various Patterns And Colors

Various Patterns And Colors

A traditional floor covering can be found in different patterns like geometric or striped and designs like bohemian and eclectic. These designs give your space a smooth and definite look. Their various designs make them a choice of designers because these carpets are adaptable to any place. While talking about the colors, they can be found in multiple colors from the market so it is recommendable to select a suitable one according to your preference.

Need An Underlayment

A Bit of difference in this floor covering with tiles is underlayment. Unlike the carpet tiles, this floor covering needs adhesive and padding for laying on the floor. Wall to wall carpets installation takes a little longer because you must apply adhesive to stick it on the floor.

Maintenance & Cleaning

Maintenance & Cleaning

Because the traditional carpets are crafted from tightly woven material, they are durable and long-lasting. They resist stains, and their longevity could be increased by regular cleaning. Also, you need professional cleaning services to maintain the looks of these huge floor carpets.

Style And Aesthetic

Talking about the style and aesthetic of these carpets, they are a choice of most people due to their intricate pattern and rich colors. These traditional carpets enhance the visual appearance of your space by giving a minimal and sleek look.

Provide Insulation

Provide Insulation

Carpets have been used for many years to not only give your space a decorative touch but also enhance functionality by providing insulation and comfort underfoot because of their fiber density.

Quick Comparison Between Carpet Tiles & Traditional Carpets- Tabular Form

Prominent Features Carpet Tiles Traditional Carpets
Installation They are easily installable because of the attached adhesives. These floorings require specific tools and expertise to be installed.
Replacement If get damaged, they are easy to replace. In case of any damage, you have to replace the entire carpet.
Maintenance Easily cleanable even if get a spot because of their tile-structure. It requires professional cleaning services to maintain its looks.
Design You can create your own floor designs with these tiles. Come in uniform design options that can’t be altered by you.
Cost Less expensive than carpets. More expensive than carpet tiles.
Durability Stay luxurious for a decade if treated following expert guides. Can stay longer than a decade with low-maintenance routines.
Comfort Because of their tile-structure, they are less comfortable than carpets. Have a uniform structure therefore offers maximum comfort.
Insulation Can provide enough insulation if all the tiles are attached well. Carpets are known for their insulation property.
Soundproofing Because of the gaps in their structure, not as effective, in absorbing sounds, as a carpet. Can absorb walking echos as well as invasive sounds with their enough thickness and uniform layout.
Suitability They are a perfect option for high-traffic areas and DIY projects. Recommended for residential areas (pets & kids friendly).

The Bottom Line

Flooring is considered a mandatory element while refurbishing a space. You can enhance the functionality and add a decorative touch to your area by using either carpet tiles or traditional carpets. Both have their unique aspects and importance. The conventional carpets have their own historical values, while the tiles give a contemporary and unique look. Select the one to complement your place’s interior and add comfort by covering your hard floor.

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