Create Artistry Designs with Carpet Tiles Dubai offers top-quality carpet tiles at extremely affordable rates. We have a huge stock of beautiful colors, designs, and patterns that are ready to dispatch and install at your place. From domestic carpet floor tiles to premium quality commercial tiles, our products have the adaptability to be installed anywhere. 

Carpet floor tiles are also known as modular or squares. These are a stylish and modern replacement for carpet rolls. The Carpet floor tiles texture is often used at homes, airports, organizations, and no doubt, they are a very good addition to the commercial buildings.

Best carpet tiles for your Office
Customized Carpet Tiles Dubai

Furnish Floors with Easy to Install Carpet Tiles

One of the major reasons designers, architectures, and floor fitters choose to work with floor tiles is due to the ease with which they get installed. Let’s see how tile and carpet make your life easy.

  • Carpet tiles are easy to carry and transport. They safely reach the job site undamaged in one go.
  • These tiles are pre-backed so they can be directly installed on the floor without any need for underlays. This saves a lot of effort and of course money.
  • They do not need to settle in a place for a day before they are laid.
  • Very easy to install and provide a finished look that carpet roll failed to provide.
  • These tiles are also glued down. No need to peel and stick carpet tiles and even don’t need to add any glue or adhesive. 

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Innovative designs & shapes of carpet tiles

Originally these tiles were available in square shape but now they are available in so many shapes and a range of patterns. Your carpet tile’s shape influences the pattern you can achieve with the layout.

With the square carpet tiles, you can only mix-up or rotate the look or install them in a bricks pattern. With planks, you get more options. The herringbone pattern is also very famous, you can try. Installing rubber tiles in a creative pattern adds a design and creativity to the floor. 

Style and Varieties of Carpet Tile

Carpet tiles Dubai collection is available in many different styles, patterns, and shapes, fiber types, and pile patterns. Well, this means you may likely find a carpet tile equal to the carpet roll you may consider to use at your home. The primary difference between carpet rolls and tiles is the tile backing cloth & comes in pieces. Carpet tile backing fabric includes fiberglass, vinyl, urethane, polypropylene, and also recycled vinyl. Quality backing systems are very important because they provide stability and let carpet tile to face up the moisture. Each type of tile is best for do-it-yourself projects.

Why Choose Carpet Tiles? Some Core Benefits

One of the benefits of these tiles Dubai is that they will let you install them in any shape. With a carpet roll, you cannot show your creativity but with carpet tiles, you can. 

Our carpet floor tiles are:

  • In good quality, better acoustic and offer foot consolation
  • Easy to put, replace or even preserve.
  • Creative, sustainable and they are beautiful
  • Efficiently cover the oddly shaped areas
  • Carpet tiles produce very less waste when installing
  • They are very easy to maintain
  • They provide a luxury ambiance
  • Comes at affordable rates

Why Choose Us?

We are one of the best tiles suppliers in Dubai, you will not only get your desired carpet tiles but also you can customize and design your own tiles from us. If you need any consultation or help, feel free to contact us. Our customer care officers are always available.

If you are afraid of online shopping then do not worry, we offer free samples. Make yourself satisfied and then place your order. Not only this, but we also offer free installation services as well. You can also buy royal office floor carpet tiles from us at very affordable rates and get free installation.

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